Fast Freddys Secret Sauce

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Fast Freddys Secret Sauce

Post by fstfrdy » Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:11 pm

I use an on the fly sauce to do my beef and burgers. All quantities are to taste so I will give my ingreeds list.

1. Coke real Coke not store brand or NN the real deal
2. Cold Tim Hortons Coffee same as above I purchased a Tims coffee maker to get the real deal
3. Corse Brown Sugar (sometimes called raw)
4. Jack D whiskey optional but adds depth to bbq sauce like you would not beleive
5. Chipoltle pepper (try the one with coco in it for a real taste treat)
6. Ketchup again nothing beats good brand name stuff
7. Koshir salt always every where on every thing
8. Beer NN is ok or any brand my fav all time Beer is an open one

Get a pot mix all wet stuff heat to simmer then start adding dry ingreeds and wisk. Keep simmerin and adding other stuff you like I,m sure you know the list garlic, tammirind, corriander all like that keep mixin till you like the taste or untill you have drank all the beer (sorry I should have told you before teh beer is for drinkin unless of cource you want to add some of that to) b3
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