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Post by Diva Q » Thu Dec 07, 2006 1:21 pm


This is my friend Pete's recipe. It is amazing. A sure fire hit for the holidays.


Pastry Base

1¼ cups (295.735 ml) of flower
1 tea spoon (4.92892 ml) of baking powder
5 table spoons (73.9338 ml) of fine granulated sugar
½ cup (118.294 ml) of soft butter
1 egg slightly beaten

Almond Filing

½ cup (118.294 ml) of soft butter
½ cup (118.294 ml) of fine granulated sugar
1 cup (236.588 ml) of finely ground almonds (almost like powder)
½ tea spoon (2.46446 ml) of almond extract
2 eggs


½ cup (118.294 ml) of raspberry jam (seeded)
Candied or maraschino cherry
Drizzle of icing (lemon and icing sugar)


Sift first three ingredients into a bowl, mix in butter and egg with a fork until flour mixture is moistened.
Try to cover the bottom and 1 inch (2.54 cm) up the sides.
Press out evenly in a 9-inch (22.86 cm) spring form pan.
Cover with a tea towel and chill for ½ an hour


Mix all ingredients in a large beater bowl with a fork, and then beat with an electric mixer until light.
Put into the chilled shell and spread evenly
Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176.667 degrees Celsius) for 45 to 60 min or until shell is golden and filling set.
Cool for one hour then spread with jam (remove seeds) add cherries and then drizzle with icing sugar and lemon.
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