Diva Q Mussels & Shrimp pasta

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Diva Q Mussels & Shrimp pasta

Post by Diva Q » Thu Nov 16, 2006 6:42 pm

2 lbs Shrimp
4 lbs mussels
2 red peppers diced fine
3 large leeks (mostly white) chopped & rinsed
handful of flat leaf parsley chopped
4 cloves garlic
2-4 tbsp butter
2 cups light cream
1 carrot diced fine
8 mushrooms sliced
1 tablespoon herbes de provence
1 bottle Inniskilin 1999 Chardonnay
3/4 cup parmigiano
salt & pepper to taste

Sautee the leeks and the butter together until just getting soft.
Then at a medium high heat
Add all of the veggies in the pot.
Add the garlic, herbes and the wine to the pot.
Put the mussels in first then layer the shrimp on top

Close the pot for at least 10 minutes.
Open the pot and stir.

Close pot again bring to a boil.

Remove all of the mussels and shrimp.

Add the cream and 3/4 cup parmigiano regiano freshly grated

Bring to a boil simmer and reduce a bit. It will thicken slightly.
Add the mussels and shrimp back in.

Serve over spaghetti and serve with soem fresh slives of rustic bread to dip into the sauce.




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