Chilean sea bass with mushroom grits

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Chilean sea bass with mushroom grits

Post by carolinesrub » Sat Oct 07, 2006 10:44 am

I found this recipe digging through some old clippings I had laying around, plus my local seafood guy had some really nice Chilean sea bass, so I figured I would give it a try. Huge hit...really good. Not really a grill or smoker recipe, but the discussion of grits has come up a couple of times.

If you want to try grits for the first time, this is a good one to do it with! I would imagine that if you can't find grits, you can always substitute with a polenta.

BTW, I got the baby spinach from a lady down the street who grew her own, so no worries about the bagged stuff from my end.

4 (6-ounce) center cut fillets Chilean sea bass
Salt and pepper
4 tablespoons canola oil
1 bunch fresh thyme
6 tablespoons whole butter
2 pints assorted mushrooms (shiitake, cremini, portobello)
2 cups instant grits
1 quart chicken stock
1/4 cup heavy cream
1 pound fresh baby spinach, carefully washed.

Season the sea bass with salt and pepper.
In a large saute pan over medium heat, add the canola oil and heat the oil to a slight smoke. Add 1 sprig of fresh thyme to the saute pan and sear the sea bass skin side down for 3/4 of the cooking time about 7 minutes.

While the fish is cooking start the grits. In a 2 quart saucepot add 2 tablespoons of butter and 1 sprig of fresh thyme. When the butter begins to brown, add the mushrooms and saute until golden. Using a wooden spoon, stir in the grits, add the chicken stock, and reduce to a simmer. When the grits begin to thicken finish with heavy cream and 1 tablespoon of butter. Season with salt and pepper, when ready to serve, remove the thyme sprig. Keep the grits warm on a low temperature, stirring periodically to prevent sticking or burning.

Carefully turn the fish over, to finish the other side. Remove the sea bass and hold in a warm place.

In the same saute pan, on the same temperature, add the spinach. It will quickly wilt. Finish the spinach with the remaining whole butter and season with salt and pepper.

Using a ladle, scoop a small amount of grits into the bottom of individual large bowls. Layer a small amount of spinach on the grits and finish with the sea bass. Garnish with fresh thyme.
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