Smoke #3, now this is getting there

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Smoke #3, now this is getting there

Post by doogster » Fri Aug 07, 2009 2:08 am

Smoke # 2 wasn't worth mentioning' so i didn't. Smoke # 3. Different story. Did the other half dozen drumsticks, used the Dr. Barbecue's Bigtime Barbecue rub (in the rub section here). Preheated to 250 while I had a shower. Rubbed the drumsticks, hickory chunks (I am loving these over chips, get 'em at WalMart kids) let it roll for 90 or so minutes, slathered the hell out of them with Sweet Baby Ray's sauce, let er go another hour. Man alive these turned out good. Sorry no pics, they got eaten too quickly, by me. :D
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