First attempt at pulled pork

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First attempt at pulled pork

Post by Smokin Stella » Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:02 pm

I had the pleasure of partaking in some southern pulled pork this summer (in KY, NC and TN) and want to try and do something similar for a bbq birthday party I'm having this month.

I have a four burner propane bbq (no smoker yet), and was told I could smoke a pork butt on it, using indirect heat (two outside burners on, two inside off) and creating smoke packs out of foil.

I would love to hear any suggestions/tips/hints you can give me for this.

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Re: First attempt at pulled pork

Post by SmokinQ » Wed Sep 02, 2009 3:44 pm

I have (in the past) smoked on a propane grill and if you can maintain a good temp try to just use one burner and the far side and place the meat on the other side. I find that using two outside burners does lead to some drying out of the edges of the meat if it is too close to the direct heat. If you cannot maintain 200 -225 then go with your original plan.

I agree though with the use of foil pouches with wood chips for the smoke flavor. I remove the grill and throw the pouches right on the heat deflectors. Since you are doing a shoulder I would have 3 of 4 made up and swap them out once the smoke dies off on the first one.

You can also add some liquid to create some steam. Just use some disposable aluminum cups and add water or water and apple juice. I like to use water and apple cider vinegar as the vinegar does not have too much sugar which can be a mess if it start to boil off.

Good luck and post pictures and tell us how it went.

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Re: First attempt at pulled pork

Post by rgibson3468 » Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:40 am

Hi there, I did four pork shoulders for a party late August...only could fit three on my smoker so I did the fourth using your method...I have a Maverick dual probe thermometer and found that on my bbq the non lit side i would have to place the meat below the grill height on a drip pan sitting on the burner plate of the bbq to get a constant 225 degrees...I used hickory and apple wood chips and used loaf pans from the dollar store....half and half, two thirds wet, one third dry...had two loaf pans going at all times, one I started with to get started, as soon it was smoking would put the second one in with the meat...then kept changing every fourty five minutes to an hour out with the old in with the new but always had one maintaining the smoke while one was dying off or getting started...results were very good.
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Re: First attempt at pulled pork

Post by ROXY » Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:45 pm

Just make sure you got an extra propane full tank handy..
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