Ted Reader - Napoleon Grill @ CT

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Post by timsbbq » Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:28 am

once you go Napoleon you never go back to others.

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Post by crquack » Mon Mar 31, 2008 11:45 pm

This is an interesting thread.

I am getting the impression that Napoleon is preferred over other makes by most on this forum (some being ex-Napoleon employees notwithstanding :) )

My question is: Why?

Comparing like with like:
Signet 20 (Broil King) and Napoleon UltraChef 405:
50,000 BTU --- 45,000BTU
635 sq. in. total --- 570 sq. in total
400 sq. in. primary --- probably less (not given)
3 burners --- 3 burners
cast iron grid --- stainless steel grids
$449 --- $449

The prices vary a bit from time to time and shop to shop according to who has a sale on.

Thus for the same price the Broil King seems more powerful and bigger with (IMHO) better grid.
What is the hidden advantage of Napoleon?

BTW I hope the layout comes out in the actual post the way I planned it...

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Post by shawn » Tue Apr 01, 2008 6:15 am

I think the primary cooking area is actually in the model of Napoleon but I could be wrong here.

There does seem to be some bias for Napoleon I think much of it has to do with sponsorship and employment but at the same time they do may a good product. The fact that they are a Canadian company is one reason that I consider them regardless of whether other people think the same. I like the look of Prestige units but there is a hefty cost associated with them.

Broil King (IMO) is a better value but they do look more like the UltraChef series from Napoleon which is less appealing to me. Broil King is also a Canadian company that, from what I read, makes a good product.

Looks aside, between the two their warranties are similar a when you add the extra value that Broil King offers it comes out ahead in the "Bang for the Buck" category IMO.

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Post by Smokin` Hot Chick » Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:51 am

Seems as though we are comparing apples to oranges...
Broil King vs. Napoleon

You had suggested the comparison between the following grills: Signet 20 (Broil King) and Napoleon UltraChef 405

However, these grills are not in the same category...
You would be better to compare the:

Broil King Monarch 20 vs. Napoleon Ultra Chef U405RB
- 44,000 BTUs vs. 45,000 BTUs
- 12,000 BTU rear rotis burner vs. 14,000 BTU rotis burner
- 520 sq. in. total cooking area vs. 570 sq. in. total cooking area
- steel body work with black chrome epoxy painted front panel vs. stainless steel lid and front panel
- Both porcelain coated cast iron grids
- Both have waved cooking grids
- Both electric ignition
- Both have built in thermometer system
- Different amount of years for different parts vs. full President's Limited
Lifetime Warranty
- Unsure if BK has an option for built in vs. built in model available (BIU405RB)

Therefore, to me it seems as though Napoleon has the better product.
Just food for thought.

Also a nice benefit about Napoleon is that they are ONLY sold at specialty dealers, therefore sales rep know ALL about the product are are able to assist with customer questions... Where BK sells in big box stores too where a customer with questions is just going to get some 'jo-blo' that doesnt have the answers to his questions.

Either way, both good products. However I still vote for Napoleon. Obviously also worked there, but know the hard work and thought that goes into making these products and ensuring that they give their customers the best quality and customer service available. :D


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Post by crquack » Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:09 pm

You had suggested the comparison between the following grills: Signet 20 (Broil King) and Napoleon UltraChef 405

However, these grills are not in the same category...
Now I am confused. How are they not in the same category? They are both no-frills three-burner jobs.

Monarch 20 has the old Super 8 burner (two halves, in effect, as opposed to three independent burners on Signet and Ultrachef). Monarch 20 does not have a rotisserie. Neither does the basic Ultrachef 405.

BTW to get the primary cooking area of the napoleons one has to download the pdf brochure for the relevant model and enlarge it. Now I see that the primary cooking area for the 405 is - 405 sq.in.! In this category at least the Napoleon leads by 5 sq. in...

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Post by rgaudreau » Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:05 pm

I have a question regarding the Napoleon Grills.

A while back I posted here about my dilemma... choosing between Weber and Napoleon.

I'm curious about the ceramic infrared cooking zone. If this section of the grill gets sooo blazing hot... what do you do on this side besides searing meat? Don't you end up losing a large part of your cooking surface? I guess you could do indirect grilling by placing meat on that side....

Just curious.. your help is much appreciated.


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Post by Dkoster » Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:39 pm

I cook my steaks on it, it is a fantastic surface for this. I can consistently get a great product. Love it, actually I would probably never purchase another BBQ without it.
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Made in Canada

Post by wojtekk » Fri May 02, 2008 1:46 pm

Is the Napolean grill that is available in Canadian Tire made in Canada?

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Ted Reader Grill at CTC

Post by infant » Fri May 02, 2008 10:36 pm

Hi there... I'm a newbie to this site and just want to add my $0.02 wherever I can.

Wojtekk: these Napoleon Ted Reader grills are definitely Made in China (I read it on the Serial# plate).

Regarding the Ted Reader BBQ, I was just over at CTC tonite looking to replace my 14 year old Broil King Sovereign grill and fell in love with the Ted Reader 485 series grill. Last year, CTC was selling the Weber Spirit and Genesis models and I was all set to buy a Genesis this spring when I found out that CTC doesn't carry Webers anymore. I am also trying to stay away from these no-name made in China BBQ's (Centro, Brinkmans etc) as I've heard that it's difficult to find parts for them after a couple of years. However, I have to say that these Ted Reader grills are SOLID and extremely well built. I'm sure Napoleon wouldn't put their name on a piece of crap.

I realize that there are other great BBQ's out there at some of the big box stores and to tell the truth, the Broil King has been a fantastic BBQ. For 14 years, it has sat on my covered deck and we would fire it up at least twice a week, 52 weeks a year. I'm on my 4th burner and second set of cast iron grills and the only reason I'm replacing it is because it's starting to look dated. I'd buy another in a heartbeat. However, I've got about $450 of Canadian Tire money on my Options Mastercard and I was planning on putting it all towards a new grill. Since the Napoleons are the best BBQ's that CTC has to offer this year, it looks like I may take the plunge. Hey...Where else can you get a Napoleon grill for $350????
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Post by infant » Sun Aug 03, 2008 10:12 pm

Well, I finally splurged and bought the Ted Reader TR605 from Canadian Tire. What a great deal for $450 ($850 less $400 CTC money) Assembled it this morning and grilled this afternoon. It heats up quickly and very evenly. As I'm typing this, I'm looking at all the singed hair on my arms. Geez this thing gets hot! Anyway, I grilled some Lemon Chicken and veggies to perfection.

My only complaint is that a couple of parts on the BBQ were slightly damaged when I received it but I took some pictures of the BBQ as I was unpacking it. I'll call Napoleons toll free # to get replacement panels since that's what the manual tells me to do with missing or damaged parts. We'll see if Napoleons customer service is as good as I've heard.

Rob Infanti

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Re: Ted Reader - Napoleon Grill @ CT

Post by Robert » Sat Jun 06, 2009 10:48 pm

I was comparing the Napoleon PT450RB at Sobies to the TR485 avail at CT. I quite liked the TR485 for the price but what concerned me was that the flavour bars (weber term ;-) did not fully cover the bottom of the BBQ (as is the case with the Napoleon PT450RB). I thought the TR485 was not assembled properly but I looked at 3 other assembled Ted Readers at CT and they were all 'missing' bars on the bottom. This would seem to be one of those areas where Napoleon may be skimping to make the price point for CT customers, and would be a big short coming in the functioning of the BBQ??? Comments

On a positive note, the TR485 has a ceramic IR rotisserie burner where as the PT450RB has a SS version. From what I hear the ceramic is better. Is this true, or does it not matter that much?

These may be good questions for Caiti.


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Re: Ted Reader - Napoleon Grill @ CT

Post by BBQ Babe » Wed Jun 17, 2009 9:18 am

Hey everyone... Caiti's doing a great job so I will say no more.... I just wanted to correct one post... A bunch of posts back the Napoleon's Prestige I P450 was mentioned and I beleive the price that was $1179.00 or soemthing in that area, but I wanted to correct it that this year Napoleon launched the P450 at the price point of $799.00. For this price you need to visit one of our many specialty retailers. I ahve included a link below for you to do so.... http://direct.where2getit.com/cwc/apps/ ... t=napoleon

For the person who bought the TR from CTC, I'm sorry to hear you had received it with some damaged parts but definitly call 1-866-820-8686 and one of our Customer Care ladies will hook you up....

Anyhow I just wanted to add that in!
Have a great day everyone, and if you find you dont get all your questions answered on here email care @ nac dot on dot ca and someone form the Napoleon team can help you out!!!
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Re: Ted Reader - Napoleon Grill @ CT

Post by Burtess » Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:39 pm

2008 post resurrected....

But be aware that the Prestige line is made in Canada, where as the Ted Reader line from CT is manufactured in China (under Napoleon supervision of course), I would stick with the Canadian manufactured grills (especially with todays economic climate!).....

Burt :)
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Re: Ted Reader - Napoleon Grill @ CT

Post by pwm » Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:56 pm

I bought a Napoleon M485RSIB unit from Canadian Tire when they were on sale last week at $150 off the regular price. I'd been researching grills for several weeks, and decided to pull the trigger on the Napoleon. I've used it 5 times already and I'm very happy with my decision. I paid $899 for the NG model.

My other choice would have been a Weber S-320, but I decided that the Nap was better value with the IR burners and the rear rot burner for less money than the Weber and the warrany on the Nap seems to compare well with the Weber.

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