First cook on the WSM - Detailed Summary

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First cook on the WSM - Detailed Summary

Post by Grillman » Thu Jun 25, 2009 2:56 pm

Fired up the 18.5" WSM for the first time on Father's Day and cooked up some Baby Back ribs. I used Kingsford (blue bag) briquettes and cherry wood chunks. The end result was extremely good ribs from the middle section of each rack which got progressively drier towards the ends. Two possible problems that I ran into include: I had to freeze the ribs before I got the chance to cook them and 2) I gave them 3 hours over smoke followed by 45 minutes in foil. Next time I'll foil them at the 2 hour mark, foil them for 45 minutes and then sauce them for another hour on the WSM.

You'll note in my log below that I had some problems keeping temps steady at the beginning while I was getting used to the WSM. You'll also note that there are often two sets of from the lid, one from my Maverick probe (that I placed on the top grate with the ribs). As you can probably tell from the log, it was easier to monitor the temp from the probe which I could see out my window...a little lazy I know...

4:55 - Lit chimney (1/2 full)
5:00 - Rubbed ribs with "Memphis Magic Dust" and filled water pan to 3/4
5:18 - Dumped lit coals onto 1.5 chimney worth of unlit (ring about half full)
5:35 - 220 probe 2 cherry chunks + ribs on
5:38 - 190 probe Temp falling - all vents open
5:57 - 225 lid 208 on Maverick probe
6:10 - 244 probe lowered vents to 1/2
6:18 - 255 lid 247 on probe
6:30 - Added 2 chunks - temp rising
6:42 - 258 probe closed vents to 1/3
6:52 - 248 probe Temps stabilized
6:58 - 243 probe 245 lid
7:30 - 248 probe 250 lid
7:55 - 245 probe 250 lid
8:32 - 254 probe closed vents to 1/4
8:57 - Foiled ribs (falling apart)
9:30 - Out of foil, on grill and sauced with Canadian Club BBQ sauce

Bottom line...not a bad first showing I think. It was very rewarding and a lot of fun and about 3/4 of the ribs were absolutely amazing :D ! I'll learn from my errors and continue to seek BBQ perfection!

Feel free to provide advice to a WSM Newbie!

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