gas , ceramic, traeger?

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gas , ceramic, traeger?

Post by kwantz » Sat Aug 01, 2009 2:20 pm

Ive been browsing around a lot for a future BBQ, currently I just have my weber one touch, does pretty much everything I want it to. Maintaining certain temperatures was a bit of a learning curve, and can be a bit difficult, depening on weather conditions that day how much coals i use etc.

I have realized that cooking with charcoal on the weber get a bit pricey, I find im going though 12 pounds of briquettes every 3-4 days or so. I grill 5-7 days a week. And at 9 bucks a week it seems cheap, but its definatly going to add up.

so anyways back to my question, im on the market of getting a real bbq, well a decent one, i plan on spening around a grand or so. So im looking at the Big green eggs, primo oval or I may just get a fancy gas grill, weber or napoleon. Im thinking of going natural gas, since I do a crap load of grilling during the week and the cost of charcoal everyweek is going to get pricey.

How much does it cost to run a traeger? i am very intrigued by the way it cooks. I like that old school look it has. But my main concern are does it cost a fortune to run? On average how much $$$ per hour would you say it costs to run one. Say a 1 hour cook for chicken, 4-5 for ribs or 10-14 for brisket?

I hear rumours that the ceramic grills are actuall excellent on charcoal, and a bag can actually last a really long time?

Im having such a hard time deciding. its alot of dough to dish out for a grill. I like ceramics because i live in canada it would be good for year round use, what i odnt like about them is lack of surface area, gas grills I love the convience, what i dont like is that i might not get that reall bbq taste. I like the idea of the traegers, love the set it and forget it idea im just concerned on how much it costs to run one, longevity, able to maintan heat in the winter and durability of it and also the warrenty and customer support? and the fact it cant really do a good job searing so i have read?

its so hard to choose, i need some help and advice, i grill 5-7 days a mostly baked potatoes, chicken breasts, thighs, ribs, burgers and the odd brisket and pork shoulder. im not rich haha i would love to owm all but there can only be one its pretty much going to be the first and last grill purchase for a very long time

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