mmm...BBQ amateur series - final results

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mmm...BBQ amateur series - final results

Post by Ugly John » Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:10 pm

Here are the final results for the mmm...BBQ amateur series 09

Sherkston Shores July 18/09

1st Team BB King
2nd Little Sids BBQ
3rd Porkcasso The Art of Barbecue
4th True Canadian Grillers
5th Schitz and Giggles
6th Meat Freaks
7th Southern Smoke
8th Nice Racks BBQ Team
9th Hi I Que
10th Brant County Smokers
11th The Smokin Chinchillas

And for those of you that missed it.
The final results for:
Brantford - Strodes 100 May 24/09

2nd Little Sids BBQ
3rd Butt Kracks
4th The Big Smoke Barbecue
5th True Canadian Grillers
6th Wing Night Rejects
7th Men in Crocs
8th Team BB King
9th Brant County Smokers
10th Team Lover
11th Guy with a Smoker
12th Meat Freaks
13th Sweet Swine ’o’ Mine
14th Rack n Roll
15th Wild Hogs
16th The Smokin Boys
17th Marie-Eve and her Boy Toy
18th One Man One Rub
19th Sir Smokes A Lot
20th The BBQer’s
21st West Side Grillas
22nd Smokem Danno
23rd Nightstroke
24th The Performer
25th Southern Smoke
26th Schitz and Giggles
27th The Liquor Piggs
28th Sticky Fingers Ribs
29th The Smokin Rack
30th Two Teachers Try Traeger
31st Team Underacheevers BBQ
32nd Joshua’s Rib

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